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Embark on your spiritual journey through clairvoyance with professional psychic, Gina Rose Digiovanna.

Gina Rose DiGiovanna

Meet Your Teacher

"My Purpose: To help my students and clients to ground in all of their gifts, talents, abilities and imperfections -- so that they may fly."

- Gina Rose

Watch Gina Rose on Fox4 WDAF-TV in Kansas City

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Winged Lion Clairvoyant Program

Reading and healing aren’t fun party tricks. Learn the basics of a system of reading and healing that actually helps you and others. This system teaches skills that matter - allowing you to wake up, and open the door to 100 percent positive, superior fundamental change. 

Contact Gina Rose for upcoming class dates if you don't see a current schedule. 

clairvoyant year certificate program 
healing clinic

Join us for a reading and healing by Zoom. Bring your questions and requests! Your psychics are dedicated, year-long program students from all over the country.

The first session is free. All further sessions are donation-based.

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Interested in our psychic sessions?

Join our online healing clinic and receive a free reading.

Flashes of insight

"I have been working with Gina Rose regularly for two years. She has exceptional insight, intuition and healing skills. I am amazed at how, with each session, she is spot on about what is going on in my life. In addition, she has never been wrong in her advice. Honestly, she is the most talented teacher, healer and intuitive I've ever met."

MM, Healthcare Executive, Kansas City, MO


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