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Psychic, Clairvoyant Teacher, Speaker

Gina is an Ivy League graduate. She's also been a consistent, seasoned professional

clairvoyant and spiritual tool teacher for almost 30 years. She’s performed
reading and healing sessions; taught classes; and provided group and event
sessions in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. An eclectic spiritual practitioner and
Reiki master, Gina Rose runs an immersive clairvoyant program, and has spent

decades participating in advanced lectures and programs.

Gina's Background of Practice and Study

Energy field reading and healing with former Berkeley Psychic Institute teachers;
many forms of Buddhism; mediumship; Taoism; pendulum work for healing;
various forms of yoga, chi gong, Tarot; western astrology; and so much more.


Gina's Other Life

Gina Rose has worked as a freelance reporter and writer, with professional pieces
covering topics ranging from business and gaming to the closets of celebrities.
Her work has appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in fabulous Las Vegas,
Nev., and in several other newspapers and magazines. She's also worked on
national and international fundraising campaigns, helping to raise money that

changed and saved lives.

Questions? I'm here for you. 

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