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The Mindful Clairvoyant

Online 6-Month Clairvoyant Program, And…the Year Certificate 

**Prerequisite: Clairvoyant Tools 101**

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This Class IS for Those Who:

  • Wish to further develop as a skillful communicator.

  • Make difficult decisions.

  • Want to deepen their practice of reading and healing, for themselves and others.

  • Want to develop concentration and equanimity skills (the ability to ride the wave of what goes on within and outside of us).

  • Wish to heal their nervous system.

  • Want to receive readings and healings. 

  • Seek a community of support, in pursuing goals.

  • Are in a challenging cycle – and preparing for the new.

  • Wish to deeply experience and appreciate more of life – from eating to talking…to reading clairvoyantly. 

The 6-month program is the next step in refining your practice. Yes, you’ll brush up on what you’ve already learned. But you’ll also go so much deeper -- learning and practicing new tools that you’ll use to heal yourself and others. Each week, you’ll learn, train, work on yourself, and practice with others. Moreover, you’ll learn and receive benefits in healing clinics, by giving one-hour sessions, at times, to people who are from outside class. You can also come to healing clinic and receive readings and healings. 

You WON’T be asked to watch videos. Instead, you’ll learn from the synergy of participating and DOING. You’ll learn through the art of giving and receiving communication. And, you’ll work on healing your own nervous system. Therefore, you’ll receive training in another component that isn’t often paired with psychic development: Mindfulness. Clairvoyant tools help us to connect both the visionary AND critical thinker in us to our body, so that we can expand these abilities in a healthy way. Mindfulness brings benefits to our WHOLE body. 


  • Attend at least 75 percent of our healing clinics to get absolute benefit (Coming to RECEIVE a reading or healing ALSO counts).

  • Run your energy or do mindful practice for one hour per day.


You’ll learn and practice concepts and skills that many professional psychics, healers and therapists don’t know about, such as:

  • Using spiritual tools to develop and practice skillful communication.

  • Review and on-the-ground practice of Clairvoyant Tools 101 topics.

  • Introduction to your guides.

  • Working with your healing masters and psychic surgeons.

  • Deeper ways to clean your energy and improve your health.

  • Mechanics of preparing for reading and healing sessions – and what to do afterward.

  • Doing one-to-one sessions.

  • Line readings. 

  • Matching pictures and how to benefit from giving readings and healings.

  • Energy anatomy, including the chakra system, the transpersonal chakras, and trance medium channels.

  • Deep exploration of reading and cleaning each of the “main” chakras associated with the body, as well as other parts of your psychic system.

  • Your astral body, and astral body healing.

  • Healing at the cellular level.

  • Reading and taking action on your purpose.

  • The practice of crown chakra seniority and its importance – a missing ingredient in many other spiritual practices.

  • Deprogramming issues such as anxiety, and destructive imprints from family, religion and elsewhere. 

  • Identifying and removing curses, negative beings and spiritual parasites. (Help end the power struggles!)

  • Working with your Akashic record keeper to create positive change.

  • Baby beings.

  • Contracts, vows and agreements.

  •  “Alien” energies, the pantheon of gods, and our ancient agreements. 

  • Select topics ranging from mediumship and different levels of psychicism to prophecy, geneology reading and healing the planet. 

  • Practice that helps us deal with grief, shock and exhaustion.

  • Eating meditation to develop awareness and a better relationship with food. 

  • Mindfulness practice to integrate chaos, dissonance, and the positive stuff, too! 

  • Practice to help us rest more deeply.

  • Practice to help us better embody our cosmic energy, ideals and role models.

  • Practice to help us with challenging conversations or tasks. 

  • Integrating mindfulness with reading and healing.


This Class is NOT for Those Who: 


  • Wish to learn to do readings and healings to impress people.

  • Are not willing to experience discomfort or be challenged.

  • Are not willing to come to class and practice.


The Year Certificate: The 6 months program stands on its own. But the year certificate is once again available. Complete the 6-month program and then continue for an additional 6 months to earn the full year certificate. One year of this practice will give you the competence, tools, and experience to do one-on-one readings and healings more effectively than MANY professional psychics. You’ll be absolutely qualified to charge for your services. It does NOT qualify you to teach, or to practice more complex endeavors, such as group readings, although we can practice, if you’re interested! For those who want more information on attaining the certificate – contact Gina Rose.


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Immersive Practice

In class AND in healing clinics, you’ll get real life experience in offering readings and healings, using ALL of your tools. At times, you’ll work with people you haven’t met. 

Calming Your Nervous System

You’ll make time each week to heal yourself, using a combination of clairvoyant tools and mindfulness practices that help you to address your health on many levels. 

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Skillful Mentoring

You'll be taught and overseen in healing clinics by – a professional clairvoyant with nearly 35 years of career experience and decades of experience in other spiritual practices, including mindfulness. 

Readings and Healings for You, at Your Fingertips

You can come to healing clinics whenever you wish, to RECEIVE readings and healings.

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Community Support

You’ll find like-minded others who will read for you, do healings, and learn alongside you.

Discipline in Practical Meditation

You’ll develop a foundation that will serve you for years to come. And you'll learn how to make your meditation time work for you in practical ways. 

More Tools

You’ll add considerably to your tool box from Clairvoyant Tools 101. And use these tools in practical ways.

BIG Class Bonuses


2-Hour healing clinic, 3x  per month. 

Practice, practice, practice! 


½ hour personal energy check every other month with Gina Rose

Gina Rose gives communication about how you’re running your energy, and looks at one question of your choice.


Summary Of What Class Includes:

  • 1 weekly 2-hour lecture on Zoom

  • 2-hour healing clinic, 3x per month on Zoom, on a day to be determined in class.

  • ½ hour energy check with Gina Rose, every other month.


Dates:  Wednesday 7pm to 9pm Central, April 24th to October 23rd.

Join the Mindful Clairvoyant 6-Month Program Today: Contact Gina Rose via email at or click here.

Your Teacher

Some women are proud that they learned to sew, cook and crochet from their grandmother. I was a disadvantaged child. My grandmother taught me astrology. 

I’m an Ivy League graduate. And, I’ve been a consistent, seasoned professional clairvoyant and spiritual tool teacher for almost 35 years. I’ve performed reading and healing sessions; taught classes; and provided group and event sessions in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. 

I believe that the best spiritual tools have practical benefits. I’ve tested everything I’ve learned in daily life, and even in my “other” work – as a freelance reporter and writer, with professional pieces covering topics ranging from business and gaming to the closets of celebrities. I’ve also worked on national and international fundraising campaigns, helping to raise money that changed and saved lives. 


My Practice and Study

I’ve done Vipassana and mindfulness practices since 1989. I began studying and practicing clairvoyant tools shortly thereafter. But my spiritual studies began long before then. As an eclectic spiritual practitioner and Reiki Master, I’ve practiced and studied: several forms of Buddhism; mediumship; clairvoyant reading and healing with former Berkeley Psychic Institute teachers; Taoism; pendulum work for healing, various forms of yoga and chi gong; Tarotology; western astrology; and much more.


$300.00 deposit (non-refundable once you’ve attended the second lecture) plus payment of $345.00 for the first month. Price is $345.00 per month thereafter. 

Contact Gina to book.



Pay a 3-month installment: $1035.00

Click the button below to reach the secure order page.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee your satisfaction with this class. If you’ve attended the first week and you aren’t satisfied, notify me before the second lecture, and you’ll get your money back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions live? Yes! All sessions are live on Zoom.


"I have a busy schedule." Is live participation required? You’ll have the best experience if you attend and participate in each class!

How do I access the class? Each week, right before class and healing clinic, you’ll receive the Zoom link via email. Contact Gina Rose if you don’t receive it.

What is the refund policy? 100% Money Back Guarantee. I guarantee your satisfaction with this class. If you’ve attended the first week and you aren’t satisfied, notify me before the second lecture, and you’ll get your money back.

I’m in! How do I register? Contact Gina Rose directly to reserve your spot today.

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