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Clairvoyant Reading and Healing

Gina Rose offers practical, intelligent work to help you make decisions, address issues, achieve goals - and make use of your talents, gifts, and abilities. She helps you to ground... so that you can fly. She addresses everything from timelines for best opportunities and events, to animal communication and past lives.

Mediumship and Other Spiritual Communication

Guidance and messages from and about those who’ve passed on, your guides, and others in the spiritual realm.

Spiritual communication with those who are alive, but perhaps not physically or emotionally available to you. This practice helps you to resolve issues and achieve closure.


The Wheel of Time Reading

1 Hour Session:         $150

1.5 hour Session:    $200


There’s a time for everything. Gina Rose uses her own special process to translate best windows of opportunity during a specified time, and for what. Whether it’s the New Year or your birthday, this session can help you work to your advantage with the coming year. You can also use it to look at marriages, relationships and ventures. Gina Rose Also offers energy work to address challenges that may come up in your forecast.


Clairvoyant and mediumship group sessions. These sessions are an economical, inspiring way to receive communication. You’ll benefit from the synergy of like-minded others. Gina Rose typically begins these sessions with a group read, and then proceeds to whom she is drawn. She always allows time for individual requests.


Up to 5 people:      $50 each
Up to 10 people:    $45 each

Up to 15 people:    $40 each

Up to 20 people:   $35 each

Group Mediumship or Clairvoyant Sessions

(Zoom option)

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Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Payment refunds for all services are available only with at least 24-hours notice when you cancel or reschedule.

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