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Mock It Up: The Immersion Experience

This course has started, but you can book the remaining sessions.

Available Online

A 12-Week Online Accelerator to Craft Your Chosen Goal, Take Action

  • Started Nov 26, 2023
  • $997 1x OR $333 Mth
  • Online Meetup

Available spots

Service Description

The Mock It Up Experience is a special formulation I’ve created, using basic spiritual tools, Tarot, and a bit of “boosting” pendulum work which I’ll do as a special gift to you, in service to your goals. You’ll learn to identify and craft one appropriate desire into a goal, or mock-up; use basic spiritual tools in practical ways, in service to your goal; take actions that have positive impact; deal with blockages; discover your purpose; and much more. You'll also get bonuses! ​

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