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Mock It Up: The Deeply Discounted Month

The Online Accelerator to Craft Your Chosen Goal, Take Action and Use Desire with Vision, Heart and Purpose Continues

Your Invitation to Make This Year Extraordinary...

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Hello Creators:

I’m reaching out to you because we share at least one thing in common: the power of desire. In fact, I’ve spent three decades using spiritual tools and the gift of clairvoyance to help people from all walks of life recognize and use their gifts to address practical, creative, emotional and spiritual desires. I’ve helped address topics and problems ranging from the unusual, the global, and the corporate, to the salt-of-the-earth. 

All, so that you, my fellow creators, could make the best use of the power of desire, and change your lives and those of others, in positive ways. It’s no accident that after decades of reading so many of you before you were parents, I now read for your grown children. I remember when they, too, were once your desire!

It’s said that desire can be a path to enlightenment. Yet, too many people waste this energy. Or, they’re too afraid, heartbroken, blocked, disappointed, busy, or sometimes too egoic and imbalanced to want, to make space for what they want– or to manifest with wisdom. 

I’ve spent more than three decades practicing everything from Vipassana to psychic tools, yoga and so much more on my own personal journey, while also sharing these gifts through teaching and private sessions. My takeaway from all of this: It’s our birthright to work with our desires positively. To create a bridge between these, and our gifts. To create positive change for ourselves and others. 

I’m here to support you in all of it.  

The Mock It Up Experience is a special formulation I’ve created, using basic spiritual tools, Tarot, and a bit of “boosting” pendulum work which I’ll do as a special gift to you, in service to your goals.  

When you have the courage to work with your desires and deal with blockages, and the intention to act with sincerity, you experience what Buddhists call “conspicuous and inconspicuous benefits.” Both things you expected, and unforeseen rewards. 

In The Mock It Up Experience, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify and craft one appropriate desire into a goal, or mock-up.

  • Look at where it’s tending to go.

  • Identify and take at least 6 actions.

  • Explore and deal with blockages.

  • Use basic spiritual tools in practical ways, in service to your goal.

  • Reclaim your life force and use it to regenerate yourself. 

  • Connect your goal to a greater purpose.

  • Read your greater purpose as a whole.

  • And much more…

So much in the world is getting destroyed or reconfigured. Why create now? Because times of destruction and big change also hold the seed of rebirth. So much unharnessed life force all around us. Moreover, many of us are experiencing physical and other changes that are waking us up. Causing us to grow more…psychic. And, requiring us to get more responsible for how we use our desires. I’m offering you a way to recognize, read and make use of these energies to have a positive, practical impact. For yourself and others. You may not find this approach elsewhere. 


I invite you to join us in this 12-week accelerator, Mock It Up: The Immersion Experience, where you’ll be working within a supportive community of creators like you. Together, we’ll commit to harnessing the power of desire, with sincerity and vision. 


All the details are here on this page. I hope to see you online!


In Appreciation, 

Gina Rose DiGiovanna


P.S. Each class will be live online, and I’ll provide recordings that you can keep. 

P.S. P.S. This class will benefit you, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner of spiritual tools or Tarot. All are welcome!


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The Art of Identifying and Crafting a Mock-Up (goal).

You’ll develop and practice this skill, and get new perspectives.

Community Support

You’ll get feedback and support from a teacher with three decades of professional experience, along with like-minded fellow creators.

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Spiritual Tools

You’ll learn a few simple tools that will help you in every area of your life.


Obstacles are benefits too. They show you where your energy is stuck. You’ll learn to develop better problem-solving skills, find new resources, and much more. You’ll be reminded that obstacles are a natural part of this process.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 1.20_edited.jpg


You’ll learn and practice a bit of Tarot along the way, no matter what level you’re at.

Systematic Support

You’ll learn a system that gives you a foundation, helping you approach any goal step by step, systematically.


You’ll be required to take action and work with outcomes.

Who is Mock It Up: The Immersion Experience for?

This program is for anybody who wishes to craft a goal, take action and think bigger in 2023 – with vision and purpose.

This program is intended for:

  • Those who believe spiritual tools can be a force for good.

  • Those who want to live successfully in both the spiritual and practical worlds.

  • Those who wish to use the power of their desire with wisdom and sincerity, to benefit themselves and others.

  • Those who are very creative.

  • Those who don’t believe they are creative at all, but wish to awaken this part of their energy. 

  • Those who’ve been blocked and invalidated in the past while pursuing their goals. 

  • Those who wish to think bigger.


This program is NOT intended for:

  • People who wish to use spiritual tools to impress people or “look” a certain way to others.

  • People who aren’t willing to put in the time to attend class and do their homework. 

  • People who aren’t willing to take action.

  • People who won’t be honest with themselves.

  • People who don’t like to be challenged.

  • Those who aren’t interested in their purpose or impact on others.


Your Mock Up Mentor

Gina Rose DiGiovanna

Consultant, Clairvoyant and Founder, Winged Lion

Clairvoyant Program 

Some women are proud that they learned to sew, cook and crochet from their grandmother. I was a disadvantaged child. My grandmother taught me astrology!


I’m an Ivy League graduate. And, I’ve been a consistent, seasoned professional clairvoyant and spiritual tool teacher for almost 30 years. I’ve performed reading and healing sessions; taught classes; and provided group and event sessions in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.


I believe that the best spiritual tools have practical benefits. That's why I've tested everything I've learned - as a freelance reporter and writer, with professional pieces covering topics ranging from business and gaming to the closets of celebrities. I've also worked on national and international fundraising campaigns, helping to raise money that changed and saved lives.


Background of Practice and Study

As an eclectic spiritual practitioner and Reiki Master, I’ve spent the last 34 years studying: Energy field reading and healing with former Berkeley Psychic Institute teachers; many forms of Buddhism and mindfulness practice; mediumship; Taoism; pendulum work for healing; various forms of yoga, chi gong, Tarot; western astrology; and so much more.

"I wanted to let you know that through Mock It Up class we have had the biggest breakthrough to date.... Not only did we beat the (other) products, but we beat them exponentially. The cards and all the class readings were on point and correct. We needed to look at it differently. So thank you for that, and providing the space to help bring this to fruition. I do feel the class has helped me remove blockages (emotional and mental) by really looking objectively at the what, the how & the why."

-Susan Reiner, Inventor and IT professional, Illinois

Mock It Up: The Immersion Experience Program Summary

  1. 12-Week Online Training with Gina Rose DiGiovanna, in 12 online sessions. (24 hours of training, communication, support and energy work)

  2. Pendulum work, customized for your group, within each session.

  3. Downloads of each recorded class. 


Plus receive four bonuses that come ONLY with this class:


Bonus #1: “Reading Timelines 101 With Tarot: The Seasons.” Learn a special way to read timelines on the mock-ups that matter to you! You’ll either receive a pre-recorded presentation, or you can attend live and receive the recording. Either way, it’s yours to download.


Bonus #2: “Creating Your Mock-Up…with Solfeggio Frequencies.” An hour meditation that takes you through each step of mocking up. We’ll also use Solfeggio frequencies, and talk about how to use them to think bigger! You’ll either receive a pre-recorded presentation, or you can attend live and receive a recording. Either way, it’s yours to download.


Bonus #3 "The Trinity Package": DEEP DISCOUNT on a special three-pointed approach that helps you focus and  create, in your own customized way. Three sessions with me, EXCLUSIVELY DEVOTED to any goal you choose, or to your greater purpose. This discount is available only for the duration of this class. The progression is this:

1. Timeline session For looking at best timing for your projects and purpose, or opportunities and challenges within certain periods of time. (1 hour)


2. Talents, Gifts and Abilities Session Do you know what you’ve got? Take a look at this, and how to use what you’ve got to accomplish your goal or purpose. (1 hour)


3. Reading, Healing and Setting Energy for your Goal  (1 hour)

PRICE: $125.00 for one month, with no obligation to continue.

Click the button below to reach the secure order page.

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Gina’s Mock Up class opened my eyes as to why I struggle with weight loss and sugar  addiction. It's ok to slip up. Just keep going. Highly recommend this class and any class Gina teaches, because it’s life changing.  

-C. Radcliff, Retired, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions live or prerecorded? All sessions are live on the Zoom online platform.


I have a busy schedule. Is live participation required? You’ll have the best experience if you attend and participate in each class. However, you’ll have access to recordings if you can’t join live. 


How can I access the class? Every week, right before class, you’ll receive the Zoom link via email. Contact Gina Rose if you don’t receive it.

Can I download the recordings? Yes.

What is the refund policy? 100% Money Back Guarantee. I guarantee your satisfaction with this class. If you’ve attended the first class and you aren’t satisfied, notify me before the second class, and you’ll get your money back. 


I’m in! How do I register? Simply choose your option and click the button above or contact me directly to reserve your spot today. See you in class!



Course Schedule

Join Gina Rose DiGiovanna for LIVE online Zoom sessions. The sessions will be recorded and sent out to you sometime after the class. 



Session #1: Saturday, September 2nd, 6pm Central. 

Session #2: Saturday, September 9th, 6pm Central.

Session #3: Saturday, September 16th, 6pm Central.

Session #4: Saturday, September 23rd, 6pm Central.

Session #5: Saturday, September 30th, 6pm Central.

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