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The Mindful Clairvoyant

This course has started, but you can book the remaining sessions.

Online 6-Month Clairvoyant Program And…the Year Certificate

  • Started Apr 25
  • $345.00 monthly
  • Online Meetup

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Service Description

Prerequisite: Clairvoyant Tools 101 Requirements: - Attend at least 75% of our healing clinics to get absolute benefit (Coming to RECEIVE a reading or healing ALSO counts). - Run your energy or do mindful practice for one hour per day. You’ll learn and practice concepts and skills that many professional psychics, healers and therapists, don’t know about, such as: - Using spiritual tools to develop and practice skillful communication. - Review and on-the-ground practice of Clairvoyant Tools 101 topics. - Introduction to your guides. - Working with your healing masters and psychic surgeons. - Deeper ways to clean your energy and improve your health. - Mechanics of preparing for reading and healing sessions – and what to do afterward. - Doing one-to-one sessions. - Line readings. - Matching pictures and how to benefit from giving readings and healings. - Energy anatomy, including the chakra system, the transpersonal chakras, and trance medium channels. - Deep exploration of reading and cleaning each of the “main” chakras associated with the body, as well as other parts of your psychic system. - Your astral body, and astral body healing. - Healing at the cellular level. - Reading and taking action on your purpose. - The practice of crown chakra seniority and its importance – a missing ingredient in many other spiritual practices. - Deprogramming issues such as anxiety, and destructive imprints from family, religion and elsewhere. - Identifying and removing curses, negative beings and spiritual parasites. (Help end the power struggles!) - Working with your Akashic record keeper to create positive change. - Baby beings. - Contracts, vows and agreements. - “Alien” energies, the pantheon of gods, and our ancient agreements. - Select topics ranging from mediumship and different levels of psychicism to prophecy, geneology reading and healing the planet. - Practice that helps us deal with grief, shock and exhaustion. - Eating meditation to develop awareness and a better relationship with food – helping us to develop deep satisfaction with what we choose to eat, and to break up patterns of conflict relating to food. - Mindfulness practice to integrate chaos, dissonance, and the positive stuff, too! - Practice to help us rest more deeply. - Practice to help us better embody our cosmic energy, ideals and role models. - Practice to help us with challenging conversations or tasks. - Integrating mindfulness with reading and healing.

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